Fun in the fog…

Willa and her sister walk by my studio at least 2-3 times a day! Always off on some exciting adventure. I knew that sooner or later I would get to photograph the cute redheads. And as a bonus I got to meet their cousins Jack and Ryan too! We put off the session once due to weather but this time decided we’d just do it! We all had fun in the fog…take a look.

Foggy Fun in West Seattle.

Tracy & Jeff

Jeff is the brother of one of my good clients who suggested they contact me to do wedding photos.  Well, it seems like yesterday but in fact it’s been closer to three years now since I photographed Tracy and Jeff at the Smith Tower for their wedding nuptials!  And look at them today…more in love than yesterday.

Heather & Steve in downtown Seattle

Heather’s wedding was a dream come true. Her makeup was stunning, her dress was gorgeous, the flowers were beautiful and the groom was handsome! We met at the Hotel Vintage Park in downtown Seattle and started our little romp thru the neighborhood along with her maid of honor and best man.  Come along with us….


Fauntleroy Fall Festival is October 18th

I love neighborhood events; especially the Fauntleroy Fall Festival.  It’s such a pleasure to watch moms and dads and their kids explore the fun activities. As part of this free neighborhood event I will be on hand to take pumkin photos on the front lawn of the schoolhouse once again!  From individuals to the entire family with the dog I’ve seen it all!  Be sure and stop by and have your complimentary souvinier photo taken this year too!  Here’s some from last year….