Poland’s tragic loss at Smolensk

As the whole world mourns the loss of Poland’s President Kacynski, so does a small group of Seattle residents who are part of the Polish community and the Seattle Gdynia Sister City Association who gathered today for a moment of silence in his honor.

In  Solidarity members of the SGSCA gathered to mourn the loss of Poland’s President Kacynski and many other high ranking officials when their plane crashed a few days ago in Smolensk.

Members recalled the fight for Solidarity of which several were part of; and to remember the lost souls of Katyn; and to grieve the loss of friends made in Poland over many years of friendship with the people of Poland.

The struggle for freedom and democracy in Poland is an evolving process and  we honor those who continue to move forward.

Zbigniew Pietrzyk, an active member in the fight for Solidarity at it’s inception, speaks to the group.

See more photos here: http://www.gailannphotography.com/SGSCA-Kacynski2010/


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