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Kerns Family

I’m not sure which is more challenging: kids under two or kids over 20. Either way I certainly enjoy capturing the family dynamic no matter what the ages involved.  Jim and Maudie live in Port Townsend so naturally anything close to the water and ferry dock is a must. They were joined by their two grown children Kathy and Mike plus the better halves. Grandkids Matt and Natalie were home from college so we had the whole family.  We covered the park from bottom to top and I think we got just about every combination possible. I know they’ll enjoy these images for a long, long time.

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The secret garden

The Grotto

The Grotto also known as the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother is a place of solitude, peace and prayer. The heart of the shrine is Our Lady’s Grotto, a rock cave carved into the base of a 110-foot cliff.  A life-size marble replica of Michelangelo’s Pietà is featured in its center.

Take a elevator ride 110 feet above the Grotto and you’ll find beautiful gardens, panoramic views of Columbia River Valley, the Cascades and Mt. St. Helens.  Also on the upper level are the cliff side Meditation Chapel and the Servite Monastery. There are also several shrines including Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Shrine. The Peace Garden also features a large pond and flowing stream.

The most thrilling experience was seeing the Meditation Chapel built of granite with glass walls. As you approach it looks as though you’ll walk on air.
You get a panoramic view of the area, can sit and relax and watch the eagles soar overhead. How peaceful. The perfect ending to a perfect afternoon.

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The magic is in the hole

I can now boast that I got VD in Portland…Voodoo Doughnuts that is!  For as many times as I’ve been to Portland this kitschy tourist attraction has eluded me. This time I made the time to wait in line – and it was worth it! So many to choose from and all of them so yummy! And YES! the ‘magic is in the hole’.

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Current · Family Photo Sessions · Fauntleroy Neighborhood

Happy 75th!

I was honored to be part of this celebration held at Endolyn’s Joe’s. Dad will be celebrating his 75th birthday so the family threw a little surprise party for him … and was he surprised to see me. While family portraits wasn’t what he was expecting we got some great shots with some great smiles. And who wouldn’t be smiling if you got an orange wheelbarrow as a gift! Happy Birthday!

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Playful cousins

I’m always pleased when my brides begin to have families and include me in their life. I spent the morning at The Cove with these sweet cousins right before the 4th of July. Getting kids this young to pose for a formal photo was pretty challenging but their playful antics made for some wonderful captured moments in time. Ducks, jam and cookies are the trick!

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