Sleek curves, fenders & hood ornaments

I love a car show! Brings back memories of dad and his love of cars. While cruisin’ the West Seattle car show I tried out my new lens and then added my ‘artsy-fartsy’ touch to the final images. Here are some of my favs:



Hamilton Park & Dahlia Lounge

It was one of those Seattle days, will it rain, won’t it rain? David & Chika took their chances and the gods were with us…we had a lovely overcast yet bright afternoon for a cozy wedding ceremony at Hamilton Park in West Seattle.  It was a first time meeting for the parents of the charming couple but to watch them you’d never know it.  After some time atop the hill in West Seattle we headed downtown for an intimate reception for family and very close friends. Congratulations you two!

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Mr. & Mr. ~ Tim & Keith

There was hugging, there was kissin’, there was music… as these two lovebirds tied the knot surrounded by close friends and family for their big day in Newcastle.  It was only natural that words of love were expressed via song since the boys met while members of the Seattle Men’s Chorus. The wooded surroundings made for an intimate setting and lovely afternoon.

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