“Japan’s Rescue of Polish Children from Siberia from 1920 to 1923”

I attended a wonderful presentation by Martha Golubiec on the Japanese historical rescue of Polish children from Siberia after the Russian Revolution. They found refuge in Japan and their journey continued to Poland via Seattle. Anna Domaradzka, daughter of Leopold Kulesza, who was one of the rescued children, was present at the event as was the Hon. Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Seattle and a Representative from Consulate of Japan in Seattle were also present.


Garden Delight

I had the opportunity to photograph the Arboretum’s Annual Fundraising event this past week. I love it for several reasons: One, the cause is worthy. Two, the people are great. And three, I get a sneak peek at the gardens with this select group of donors.  As usual the displays are beautiful and if you get a chance be sure to visit the Northwest Flower & Garden Show!