Ian & Dorothy March 15, 2015

It rained all day but that didn’t hinder the love and fun that flowed all day long for Ian and Dorothy. Believe it or not rain on your wedding day is said to bring good luck to the marriage. The old wives’ tale tells us that the knot in “tying the knot” becomes wet and is harder to break, thus making the marriage stronger. There is no doubt in my mind that these two will survive whatever comes their way…even the rain!


Sparkle 2015 OLG Auction

It was a ‘sparkling’ evening as guests arrived for the annual Our Lady of Guadalupe auction. There were sparkling dresses, sparkling jackets and sparkling bid items. They raised enough money to buy new windows for all the classrooms. Teachers and students will be very warm and comfy soon. I’d like to thank Laura Vornbrock for thinking of me and asking me to come and take photos. We got some great candids and very fun ‘portraits’!  Take a look: