Bellingham or bust

I spent a little time in Bellingham this past weekend and decided to play with my new Lensbaby again. Like I said before, NO, I was not drunk! The images are shallow in focus and just plain funky. Did you know that Bellingham is one of the top 5 places in the US to retire? It could be a fun place to live with lots of old buildings housing new businesses. And of course, their exciting farmers market.


Good ‘ol Route 66

I went with my mom to Laughlin Nevada for a little gambling fun and decided to spend one day on the road – Route 66 that is! Took a nice little drive and headed to Oatman, Arizona, a historic mining town that has come to life again with quaint shops, restaurants and the town landmark – BURROS! that wander the streets and usually end up butting you in the, well you know:)  Then on into the hills where we came upon Cool Springs – most likely a man-made landmark but still had lots of cool antique trucks, cars, and gas pumps.

I took along a new toy – a Lensbaby – a strange kinda lens that has one very sharp point with blurriness all around it.  So, NO, I wasn’t drinking – just having fun with a new toy! Here are some of my favorites:

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Fairhaven to Conway

I photographed a lovely wedding on Friday and stayed the night in Bellingham. I decided to explore the  back road from Fairhaven  District to Conway looking for tulips only to find the season is pretty much over. But not to worry, I found plenty of interesting sites to photograph along the way! From the “Last Supper” to the farmer’s market and a few tulips. You can see more by clicking here!

Got Pierogis?

Watching the travel channel one day we caught a glimpse of the Pierogifest in Whiting Indiana. Seeing as how we have relatives in Chicago we decided to make a quick trip back home and see what all this silliness was about. We spend the day at the Pierogifest eating good polish food, listening to the Polka band, and a Polish Elvis! Bought myself a pierogi bracelet, some pierogi soap, a pierogi pin, well you get the idea-Pierogi everywhere! To see more click here.

Mom and Barb stand for liberty! and pierogi.

Mom and Barb stand for liberty! and pierogi.

Pierogi's cooking everywhere

Pierogi's cooking everywhere

a feast...

a feast...

Pierogifest 2009

Pierogifest 2009

Thru the lens

As a Christmas present to myself I produced my first photo book and had it printed in Italy! I was thrilled when I received my finished book. It is most charming. If you would like to purchase a mini copy for yourself let me know! Or stop by the studio and pick one up!

You can view the pages here. Enjoy!


This image was presented a 2nd place ribbon in the SPPA March Print Competiton. Enjoy!

It was taken in Old Mesilla, New Mexico. The home belongs to a friend of ours. 

Return to

A new art center recently opened in the Mesilla Valley… a place of form and light where I have photographed often, including the image above. On a recent trip back I stumbled across a beautiful art center – Preston Contemporary Art Center featuring art displays and classes. I may have to schedule my next trip back based on the classes they are offering.  Perhaps you’d like to visit the Land of Enchantment ?  Check out these classes:

lovers on the square

Over the past five years I have developed a love affair with Poland. This is one of my favorite images taken in Krakow on the square. I hope you enjoy this little vignette of life in Poland today. These images are ‘polaroid transfers’; done using slides and polaroid film, along with a little bit of luck, a song and a prayer! To see more of my work visit